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Join us!The College of Electronic and Information Engineering at Shenzhen University


Organization Profile

The College of Electronic and Information Engineering at Shenzhen University, established with the approval of the Ministry of Education in 1983, has grown into a high-level comprehensive university renowned both domestically and internationally, and recognized as one of the fastest-progressing universities in China. To better serve the development of the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area and the pioneering demonstration zone of Shenzhen, and to accelerate the creation of a world-class university, the College sincerely invites outstanding scholars from home and abroad to join its team.

The College traces its roots back to the Department of Electronics, established in 1983 with the support of Tsinghua University, with Tong Shibai as its first head. It became the School of Information Engineering in 1997, and in January 2019, it merged with the School of Electronic Science and Technology to form the current College. The College has two primary disciplines: Information and Communication Engineering, and Electronic Science and Technology, with doctoral programs in both. The discipline of Information and Communication Engineering is one of Shenzhen University’s earliest doctoral programs (since 2006), a peak discipline in Guangdong Province, and a key discipline in the construction of high-level universities in Guangdong, which has been evaluated as A+ during its construction phase. In the Soft Science ranking of best disciplines in China, this discipline ranked 13th nationally in 2020 and 2021, and maintained the first place in Guangdong Province for three consecutive years. The College contributes significantly to Shenzhen University's Engineering and Computer Science disciplines, ranking first and second respectively in their contributions to the global top 1‰ in ESI. In 2022 and 2023, the College had 21 and 22 scholars respectively listed in the global top 2% of scientists, leading the university in both years.

The College hostsa number ofhigh-level research platforms, includingonenational key laboratory, several national and ministerial research platforms, provincial key laboratories, provincial engineering laboratories, and municipal key laboratories in Shenzhen. In recent years, it has undertaken 15 major national research projects, three overseas high-level Peacock Team projects in Shenzhen, with research funds exceeding 100 million RMB in 2021 and 120 million RMB in 2022. The College has also received numerous provincial and ministerial science and technology achievement awards.

The faculty of the College is highly qualified, consisting of 156full-time teachers, including academicians from the Chinese Academy of Sciences and the Chinese Academy of Engineering, as well as numerous recipients of prestigious awards and titles, indicating a strong commitment to excellence in teaching and research.

Recruitment Fields

1. Information and Communication Engineering

2. Electronic Science and Technology

3. Microelectronics Science and Engineering

Recruitment Positions

1. Position Name: Hundred Talents Program (Professor/Associate Professor/Assistant Professor)

Basic Requirements:

A. Maximum age of 35.

B. Graduate from well-known universities or research institutions at home and abroad.

C. At least 10/8/6 papers published as the first author or corresponding author in authoritative journals or top conferences, i.e.IEEE Transactions or in the first-tier categories of Chinese Academy of Sciences journals (for Professor/Associate Professor/Assistant Professor, respectively).

D. At least 2 years of research experience at other universities or research institutions after obtaining Ph.D.dgree; candidates who have led a national-level project in the past five years will be given priority (for Associate Professor).

E. Have led at least one national-level project in the past five years; must hold a senior professional title (for Professor).

Salary and Benefits:

A. Competitive salary: Assistant Professor starting from 600,000 RMB annually, Associate Professor from 690,000 RMB, and Professor from 830,000 RMB; eligible for an additional 240,000 RMB annual allowance under the Peacock Plan C, and a 100,000 RMB living subsidy for new Ph.D. talents in Shenzhen.

B. Working Conditions: Provision of office and lab space as per university standards, research startup funds up to 1-3.3 million RMB, appointment as Ph.D. supervisor, priority in allocating Ph.D. student quotas, support in team building with a dedicated research staff member, and a long-term assessment mechanism to encourage dedicated academic research.

C. Welfare and Security: Priority in renting subsidized transitional housing, eligibility for Shenzhen's talent housing policy, access to educational resources with affiliated schools and kindergartens, premium medical services with two affiliated hospitals, assistance with the “Talent Guangdong Card” and “Shenzhen Talent Card,” and comprehensive talent services like housing, healthcare, children's education, and immigration.

2. Position Name: Leading Talents (Chair Professor/Distinguished Professor)

Basic Requirements:

National talent project awardees, tenured professors or associate professors from renowned overseas universities/research institutions, or individuals with significant international achievements.

Salary and Benefits:

A. Internationally competitive salaries and research startup funds, with special cases negotiable; eligibility for high-level research achievement awards and performance-based rewards, including the Peacock Plan special positions.

B. Support in forming a research team, appointment of assistant professors and full-time researchers, suitable lab space, preferential admission quotas for graduate and doctoral students, and unlimited postdoctoral recruitment.

C. Living Security: Provision of expert apartments, eligibility for Shenzhen's talent housing policy, educational resources for children, premium healthcare services, and comprehensive talent services as mentioned above.

3. Position Name: Outstanding Talents (Associate Professor/Assistant Professor, option to join a team or become an independent PI)

Basic Requirements and Salary and Benefits:

Similar to the above positions, with an emphasis on excellent candidates being included in the university's talent program, competitive annual salary and research funds, access to talent rewards, housing policies, educational support, healthcare, and staff care including sports facilities and annual health check-ups.

4. Position Name: Postdoctoral Fellow

Basic Requirements:

A. Generally under 35 years old.

B. Ph.D. obtained within the last three years.

C. Strong research capabilities and high academic standards.

D. Rigorous scientific attitude, team spirit, and the ability to meet the job requirements.

Salary and Benefits:

A. Shenzhen's treatment includes an 180,000 RMB annual living subsidy, up to a total of 360,000 RMB, a 300,000 RMB grant upon completion of the postdoctoral research, eligibility for housing subsidies, and adjustments according to the latest policies.

B. Shenzhen University's treatment includes an annual comprehensive salary of at least 160,000 RMB, training rewards for outstanding postdoctoral talents, qualification for professional technical titles, opportunities to transition to a teaching position, and facilitation of research project applications.

Contact Information

1. Application Materials:

Detailed resume including personal information, contact details, educational and work experience, and main academic achievements.

Please compile all materials into a single PDF document and send it to with the subject line "Application for [Position] + Name".

2. Stay Informed:

The website: [College of Electronic and Information Engineering, Shenzhen University](http:/).

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