Good News! The School of Electronic and Information Engineering at Shenzhen University has won the Tencent Excellent Teaching Management Team Award for 2022.


The teaching team of CEIE went through the application process, on-site defense, expert review, and online publicity to be approved for the award.

The Tencent Teaching Award is a teaching reward established by the Tencent Foundation for universities across the country to encourage outstanding teachers to fully leverage their excellent teaching achievements in teaching practice, reform, and research, further deepen teaching reform and practice, and enhance the quality of education and talent development.

The teaching team of CEIE has been adhering to the education concept of "technology confidence and industry leadership," centering on moral education, and transforming the advantages of scientific research into teaching advantages. By continuously improving the quality of education and cultivating high-quality scientific and technological innovation talents with a sense of national pride, they aim to improve the quality of teaching and talent development in the future and never forget their initial intention to educate students.

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